Celtic Meditation


The "Celtic Meditation" site has been built to bring your attention to a very special form of meditation called "Sahaja Yoga" meaning (spontaneous union).  


The knowledge is very ancient and holds the key to our evolution to the New Age.


Take the most exciting journey there is, the voyage of Self Discovery.


There are thousands upon thousands of people in over 80 countries

in the World practising this form of meditation but at present there are

only a few of us here in Wales; however we do have the following classes and we hope to start meetings in other parts of Wales soon; so if you would like to join us meditating or make contact with us then just drop in to a class


                                   ALL CLASSES ARE FREE



Meetings on Wednesday evenings from 7pm until 8pm

2 Humphrey Street, Swansea. SA1 6BG


Tel:  (Enquiries):  07722 881970       &     07790095649



Meetings every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm

(above the gallery) 8 Museum Place, CF10 3BG, Cardiff  


Tel:  (Enquiries):  Jan    07955 607536



West Wales

Meetings on Wednesdays - 13.00hrs - 14.00hrs

at ArtHouse, 1 Laura Place, Aberystwyth SY23 2AU


Tel (Enquiries):  Sue 0771 442 2782



                                  Calon Lan  sung by Katherine Jenkins                                                                

Health - although the original goal of Meditation is spiritual growth, important therapeutic side effects on physical and mental health have attracted medical research…


Experience your

Self Realisation.  


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       Online Classes

if you can’t get to a meeting

then why not learn on  line.

www.sahajayoga.net www.freemeditation4all.org

If you have any other questions or want anything else then this is the place to  go.

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Indian music matches the frequency of the chakras and therefore makes a natural pathway for the kundalini to rise.  Below is a link for music therapy, mantras and raagas

dragon dragon dragon dragon dragon www.freemeditation.ca/online-meditation/music-therapy-for-meditation video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2324837246189907116# www.meditation-classes-in-wales.org.uk